Blockchain Technology

Fueled by an array of macro and technological trends, Forest Road’s blockchain and digital asset initiatives are capitalizing on the increasing significance of the Web3 emergence. We are tapping into opportunities that push the boundaries of content creation, gamification, inventory management, fan engagement, payment processing and more.

Blockchain Technology

Decentralized fintech platform

Quandefi, a Forest Road Company, is a fintech platform underpinned by blockchain technology. Quandefi creates blockchain-powered experiences, with products ranging from NFT marketplaces to services that help businesses capitalize on the recent tailwinds in both the burgeoning DeFi and NFT landscapes.



Blockchain total addressable market

Frictionless payment options

Highly-curated NFT ecosystem & community

Notables, Quandefi’s first blockchain product, is a premium ecosystem pairing the world’s best NFTs with the most seamless user experience and frictionless payment processing. Working with culture-defining creatives and iconic IPs, Notables’ commitment to the world of highly-curated content means that every item is considered and contextualized with its in-house team of tech and culture experts.

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