Renewable Energy

Forest Road’s renewable energy platform offers flexible financing solutions at an attractive cost of capital to formidable developers. We offer bespoke credit and equity structures tailored to your needs, investing across the entire sustainable dispatch curve and asset lifecycle.

Some of our investment solutions include:

  • Structured Credit
  • Loan Portfolios
  • Mezzanine Capital
  • Development Loans & Tax Equity
  • Operating Asset Acquisitions

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Renewable Energy

Distributed generation renewable energy business

Cherry Street Energy is a leading renewable energy platform headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, that develops, finances, owns and operates solar assets. Cherry Street develops and curates all projects at zero cost, offers highly competitive energy rates and partners with MUSH and C&I clients to reduce their carbon emission footprint and achieve their ESG and sustainability goals.

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Solar installation cost to clients

A developer, owner and operator of solar energy systems

Green Street Power Partners is a leading renewable energy developer headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut that develops, owns and operates solar assets. GSPP maintains a broad footprint that spans across North America and specializes in the development of projects for businesses, schools, non-profits and municipalities as well as large community solar programs in partnership with local utilities.

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States GSPP is active in


2018-2021 growth