what we do

As the legendary Frank Capra once said, no one has ever had the power that a filmmaker has: the power to talk to hundreds of millions of people for two hours in the dark."  We couldn’t agree more, but no one ever said talking to hundreds of millions of people was easy. So, we’re here to help you find creative solutions to the challenges of the filmmaking process and ultimately, reach your audience.

Forest Road is a lender against tax credits in the independent film space. We provide support through funding, resources and ancillary services to help bring authentic projects to life  -- we believe in the power of your stories, and we believe in the power of you. We also fund episodic television series, television pilots, and television movies & miniseries.

Our seamless loan process allows for immediate distribution of funds to you, so that you can focus on maintaining a smooth creative process. We’re not here to take credits, and we’re not here to push a creative agenda. Our sole purpose is to put money in the hands of responsible producers.

Have a project you need some help on? Tell us about it.