Technicolor PostWorks New York is the largest post-production facility in New York, providing comprehensive services for film, television and commercials through an exceptional team of artists, engineers and project managers. They offer unsurpassed resources for dailies processing, color grading, editorial finishing and visual effects; and feature the most flexible digital intermediate infrastructure in our market.

Slated is an online film industry marketplace that enables introductions to projects, talent, financing, and sales/distribution. Thousands of investors evaluate hundreds of new projects listed every month, and projects can qualify and connect with their most active investors through their Executive Producer services.

The Exchange is a leading worldwide sales and finance company committed to creating strong relationships between filmmakers, film financiers and distributors through the exchange of product, information and commerce.


ABS Payroll uses web-based proprietary software to offer entertainment payroll and accounting services designed for indie projects and low budget producers. BondIt Media Capital is a world-renowned film, television and media financier founded in 2014. Based in Santa Monica, BondIt is a flexible financing partner for projects, producers and media companies alike.

Freeway Entertainment Group is a rights management company specializing in collection account management, revenue sharing and distribution within the global entertainment industry. Working across film & TV production, video games, software and online services, its rights management and distribution activities support companies with global exploitation of content.