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Investment Strategies

Our investment platform employs strategies within industries that are ripe for disruption, and where there are potential opportunities to generate great risk-adjusted returns.

A media-focused investment platform


A renewables-focused investment platform

Renewable Energy

A digital assets-focused investment platform

Digital Assets

Portfolio Investments

The Forest Road Company owns, operates, and invests in innovative businesses, building an integrated investment portfolio of brands that share a common set of ideals and a pioneering spirit.


Global independent film distributor

still of Chloë Grace Moretz from "Shadow in the Cloud," a film distributed by media & entertainment company Vertical Entertainment

Leading provider of financial solutions for all creators

still of Michelle Williams and Casey Affleck from "Manchester by the Sea," a film financed by TMT investing company TPC

FRC's Broker-Dealer Subsidiary

FRS image.png

Uniquely strategic SPAC franchise & differentiated "IPO 3.0" platform

sunlit photo of a neo-classical style skyscraper, representing SPAC vehical FRX's activations in the financial investing and services sectors

Independent feature film production company

still of Anna Kendrick in space suit from "Stowaway," a film produced by digital media production company Yale Productions

World-class creative design studio

black and white headshot of a woman posed wearing a large white blouse and chain jewelry created by creative design and digital media studio Matte

Distributed generation renewable energy business

photo of rooftop solar panel installation completed by renewable energy company CSE on a large building surrounded by trees with a city visible in the background

A developer, owner, and operator of solar energy systems

overhead photo of grassy field filled with solar panels, representing Green Street's solar and renewable energy investing

Utility-scale solar and battery storage developer

overhead photo of a field filled with parallel rows of solar panels, representing Pathway's solar and renewable energy investing

Distributed generation renewable energy business

aerial photo a grid of solar panels, representing Morpho's work in renewable energy

Non-retail behind-the-meter solar developer

photo of a rooftop solar panel installation in North Carolina overseen by renewable energy company Holocene

Creator of Bored Ape Yacht Club

graphic of various well-known NFT artworks surrounding a Bored Ape Yacht Club ape head, created by Web3 company Yuga Labs

Innovative east coast bakery chain

array of Levain Bakery's pastries and baked goods; Levain is a strategic investment within Forest Road's portfolio

Women’s sexual wellness brand

photo of hand reaching for a Dame-branded bottle located on a table with a variety of colorful decorations; Dame is a strategic investment within Forest Road's portfolio


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