Our story began not long ago — with one independent filmmaker looking for help — and it got really good, really fast.

The creative solution that followed an initial need for a loan led to the Forest Road Company launching in the independent film space in 2018, followed by a swift expansion into real estate and renewable energy.

But let’s start at the beginning: while working in the tax credit space for renewable energy in 2017, CEO Zachary Tarica was approached by an old friend and filmmaker in search of capital to help fund his project. Zach went in search of a tax credit program similar to those for renewable energy, but for film, and discovered an opportunity to add undeniable value to his friend’s production.

After connecting with the state’s film commissioner, Zach completed the required application and ran an audit, resulting in his friend pre-qualifying for a tax credit in that state. Not long after, he received a check from the state worth more than twice what the production initially hoped for. Zach quickly made more connections in the film business, and by the following year, had helped fund a project that went all the way to the renowned Sundance Film Festival.

The Forest Road Company has developed a win-win-win system of loaning capital secured by U.S. tax incentives. Our business results in proud filmmakers, real estate developers, and renewable energy specialists completing powerful and important projects. It results in the creation of jobs, increased tourism, and infrastructure growth in states. And it results in happy investors seeing positive and impressive returns on their investments in a whole new asset class.

All this stemmed from a desire to support a friend’s vision, and throughout the development and expansion of the Forest Road Company, that core drive is still the root of our business.