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Our Expertise

We focus on industries that we believe will be the driving force of transformation, innovation, and economic growth. Since 2018, we have developed a strong foothold in the media, renewable energy, and digital assets sectors.

Our Edge

Forest Road combines its growth mentality, operational expertise, and strategic capital to identify, cultivate, and invest in big ideas. Through our investment strategies, portfolio investments, and operating businesses, we work with innovative companies that are changing the future of business.

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Our History Defines Us
To understand where we’re going as a speciality finance and investment firm, we must first celebrate where we’ve been.

MAY 2018

The Forest Road Company was born
In the spring of 2018, Forest Road raised investor capital with aspirations to break into the independent film financing space and “redefine tax credit lending.”


Investment made in Yale Productions
After working with Yale Productions for over a year on single-project debt financing solutions, Forest Road funded a corporate facility to help Yale accelerate growth and build out their platform, establishing our presence as an investment company.


We hit $100M in revenue
We generated $100M in total revenue across Forest Road-owned companies since inception.

MARCH 2021

Investment made in Matte Projects
We made a strategic investment in Matte Projects, a world-class creative studio that sits at the convergence of culture, storytelling, and design.

JULY 2021

Launched NFT platform Notables
In the summer of 2021 we launched Notables, a highly-curated NFT ecosystem.


Launched Forest Road Asset Management
Forest Road Asset Management is an investment manager that oversees fund products and their respective investing activities.


Sold Notables to Candle Media
We completed the sale of Notables to Candle, a next-generation media company. The Candle portfolio also includes other brands and franchises such as Moonbug Kids, Hello Sunshine, and ATTN.


We deployed $10M in loans
With our film lending business attributing to the majority of our revenue, we established deeper connectivity within the industry and deployed our first $10M in loans.


Acquired majority ownership in Vertical Entertainment
As we gained a strong foothold in the film industry, we expanded our portfolio of services with the acquisition of global independent film distributor, Vertical Entertainment.


Our SPAC platform launched
With our corporate rolodex, investment acumen, and operational expertise in the TMT space, we launched a uniquely strategic IPO platform.

APRIL 2021

Acquired majority ownership in TPC
After battling in the tax credit space with Three Point Capital since our inception, we acquired a controlling stake in the company and helped rebrand it as simply TPC, solidifying its position as the leading provider of financial solutions for all creators and increasing our reach as an investment firm.


Funded our largest renewable energy deal to date
Utilizing our principals’ renewable energy backgrounds and the company’s flexible financing expertise, we invested in Cherry Street Energy via a $50M term loan to fund the development of 150+ MW of solar assets.

MARCH 2022

Invested in Yuga Labs
We became an investor in Bored Apes Yacht Club creator Yuga Labs in their March 2022 seed round that included a16z, Animoca Brands, FTX, LionTree, Google, and Adidas, among others.


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